The success story of Heinrich Schümann (GmbH & Co. KG) began in 1920. Our company was established as a work shop for the repair of electric motors and transformers. The expertise in this field and the trustful co-operation with the electrical industry led to the development and manufacture of state of the art winding machines and special equipment for the production of electrical machines and transformers.


Tradition, Spirit & Innovation: 100 Years Heinrich Schümann

In 2020 we celebrated our 100th anniversary, a century long success story. For us a reason to reflect on our past, but above all to look forward to the future.

Whether complete production lines or individual single machines, from standard to custom-made solutions: In the future, Schümann machines will continue to be used in the electrical industry worldwide. With the machine operator in mind, all work steps are continuously optimised so that our machines remain adaptable to new processes.

Despite the current pandemic, the Schümann company looks to the future with confidence. Again, and again our company receives requests for spare parts for machines that are sometimes more than 40 years old - proof of our robust and durable designs. Such quality machines, which have been used for decades, will continue to be relevant in future production.


Attractive and secure jobs for the future

In order to make the most of our opportunities, we need enthusiastic and competent employees - they are our top priority, just as they were for our company founder. Heinrich Schümann founded the first employee benevolent fund as early as the 1940s. Entirely in the spirit of the founder, we as a company are still working today to create sustainable and attractive jobs: This ranges from a profit-sharing scheme for all employees, which has been in place since 2007, to free electric vehicle charging stations which were set up last year.


Milestones in 100 Years Heinrich Schümann

31 July 1920

Foundation of the "Wentorf & Schümann Elektro-Motoren-Werkstätten" located in Bargteheide near Hamburg.


Relocation to Lübeck.

10 April 1923

Co-founder Georg Carl Wentorf leaves the company, change of name to "Heinrich Schümann Elektromotoren-Reparatur-Werk Lübeck”.

From 1928

Growing business success due to various in-house developments based on the creative mind of Heinrich Schümann, even through the years of war and reconstruction.


More and more customers from European and other overseas countries.

February 1961

Foundation of Heinrich Schümann GmbH as the first step of a succession plan.

The 1960s

Numerous domestic and foreign patents, growing company success, purchase of the current company premises.

19 November 1966

Opening of a new purpose made building, a first for the company.

7 November 1968

First set back in the company's history, the death of Heinrich Schümann at the age of 71.

The 1970s

Exports to more than 60 countries

End of the 1980s

Major turning point, the subsidiary of Heinrich Schümann averts the threat of bankruptcy with the help of extensive bank loans and restructuring.


Appointment of Jürgen Westphal to the Management Board (now Chairman of the Supervisory Board) with successful realignment of the company and product portfolio.

Middle of the 1990s

Export to more than 90 countries.


Market launch of the 6-axis insulation robot 670 for the automatic insulation of formed coils including the involutes and the coil eye.


Delivery of the 100th coil forming machine of the "2015-2017" series.


Commissioning of two production nests of the 2nd generation for the automated processing of flat coils to form coils.


In the year of our 100 years anniversary, 46 employees work at our headquarters in Lübeck; to date, the company has built more than 6,000 complete machines, an average of 60 machines per year!